An Introduction

Let me introduce myself.  I’m revved up, about a lot of things.  I don’t actually get in my car and go peeling out, spinning the tires of my Subaru.  More like fired up and spinning my brain with details of what I’m currently revved up about.  I love words, and I try to put words together so they effectively communicate to others what I know, or what I see as a problem and a possible fix for the problem, or even how I feel about something.  I might believe strongly one way, you may believe strongly another way, and the dialog between us often can help us understand the other’s point of view. To me, that’s making progress.  Understanding brings tolerance for others and their point of view.  We are all human beings ‑ we need to seriously try to get along!  Watch for my next blog entry!  Beep beep!

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